Welcome to HostMaps.com

HostMaps.com is a free resource for anyone requiring web hosting services where the server location or data center location in a specific country or city is critical for a successful site.

Whether you’re a local business setting up a new website, or an eCommerce website serving a specific location or region, page loading speed is vitally important for ensuring your site visitors (ie potential customers) don’t leave your site before it loads.

By choosing a quality web hosting service close to your target audience, you minimize the network “hops” required for visitors to view your site, providing a perceived faster loading time, and reduced bounce rate.

At HostMaps.com we’ve aggregated the server locations or data center locations of the most popular and reliable web hosting companies and placed them all on one global map to help make your decision easier.

Not only are all locations mapped on one single map, each web host has its own map showing all of their server locations or data center locations along with important information about each host, from which CMS platforms they support, control panel details, starting price, to types of hosting packages, whether it be shared, vps, cloud, or dedicated servers.

Choosing a web host based on specific criteria, especially server or data center locations, has never been easier.

We hope you enjoy using HostMaps.com as much as we enjoyed creating it.